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"I blamed myself for your actions." - (via mangled-passion)

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"I want to tell you I miss
you with no subtext. No guilt,
no anger, no expectation
that you’ll fix it. I don’t want
you to feel bad or to tell
me it will get better. This
is where we are meant to be
right now – me apart from you,
my hands a little empty and
my heart a little sad.
I just miss you.
I wanted you to know." - anne, fyi (via anneisrestless)

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Sinistra, drawn in PS. 
I’ve been wanting to remake this for a long time, so I finally did. Sinistra means “left.” In ancient bird flight divination, the sky was divided into four parts, and the left (and most ominous) part was called the sinistra.
"Draw a monster. Why is it a monster?" - Daughter by Janice Lee

I think about this quote a lot.   (via fusels)

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Animated Rainbow Nyan Cat